Fabric Window Shades

Because of their versatility fabric shades are a popular choice in many homes. They fit nicely inside your windows for a clean timeless look. If drapes and blinds aren’t for you, roman shades offer a classic, practical alternative to warm up windows and provide privacy and protection from the sun.

Custom made in any fabric they fit any window which makes roman shades so popular. They can be relaxed or structured depending on your style preference and achieve the softness of drapes with a clean and less bulky appearance. Roman shades are great for small rooms and are workable for your large windows with the available easy lift hardware system.

With the heat of summer and cold of winter, roman shades can be made to improve your insulation for energy efficiency, not to mention privacy. The product cab be made to block out sun with a rim darkening liner or be self-lined in a sheer to let the light and you view in. They can also be paired and layered with drapes to embellish the look, add more privacy or achieve absolute room darkening.

Not only can roman shades cover any standard window they can also be made to fit angled windows or with a top-down/bottom-up feature, a look and treatment that is great for those who like the bottom of the window covered for privacy, but would like to see the beauty and view out the top portion.

A motorized control system is also available for this type of window treatment for hard to reach windows or to simply add a special feature.

The styles are endless with so many options to choose from:

Flat Style – Made with a single piece of fabric that hangs flat over a window, They can be made with no dowels for a relaxed appearance or with front, back or centre dowels placed approximately every 8″ to reinforce the fabric, giving it more rigidity and structure.

Soft fold / Hobbled style – Soft fold or hobbled shades feature permanent folds in the raised or lowered position.

You can accomplish both your design and functional needs all in one with this simple yet stylish window covering.