Hunter Douglas Applause Shades

The benefits of non-hardwired motorized shades

Motorized shades have been around for a while now, but they were thought to be a luxury for elite homes due to the high cost involved, and were easily overlooked. Now, with the advancement of technology, many homeowners are finding motorized shades to be an affordable piece of technology, which can increase their home comfort level manyfold. Instead of the incessant tugging on the blinds to get them into the perfect position, motorizing can help get them into the correct position in one fluid motion. Few other window covering options can give you convenience, beauty, and security at the same time.

Motorized shades comes with various options. You can schedule the shades to open or close at a particular time of the day, or according to the intensity of the sunlight. You can also program it to perform your regular window routine while you’re away on vacation to increase your home security.


Here are a number of benefits for choosing a motorized shade for your windows:

  • Motorized shades are great for retrofitting into a home that isn’t a new build and doesn’t have power running to the windows.
  • There is no electrician required for installation. You can do it yourself if you are handy with tools, or we can do it for you.
  • They can be integrated into your home automation systems such as “control 4”
  • Motorized shades can be operated from your smartphone. You can configure your phone to send out a signal to multiple blinds at once and open or close them simultaneously.
  • Motorized shades do not sport cords, and thus, gives it a clean look. Cords can also be hazardous in houses with small children.
  • They are great for high windows or skylights that are hard to reach. Sometimes the blinds on  high windows can be extremely heavy and are very difficult to operate by hand. With battery operated motorized blinds, you can easily bring the shades up and down at the push of a button.

At Jabot Interiors, Vancouver, we carry Hunter Douglas window coverings and they offer a wide range of options for non-hardwired motorization such as roller shades, Duettes, Applause, Silhouettes, Luminettes, Pirouettes, Nantuckets and more. These shades can either be plugged in or have a “AA” or “C” battery pack, which get replaced every year or two depending on the usage. Contact us for more info.