How to Choose Window Treatments That Will Lower Your Electric Bill

While window treatments can be decorative and dress up a room, they can also serve a very important function.

At this time of year, it can become apparent that your windows may not be fully insulated, and the amount of heat that escapes through your windows could be costing you a great deal on your electric bill. On the other hand, in the summer, those without air conditioning really feel the effects of the sun warming up rooms with windows that are poorly covered.

Here are a few examples of how proper window treatments can help maintain the temperature in your home–and help save you a buck or two!


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If chosen properly, drapes help insulate your home from both loss of heat in winter, and the gain of the sweltering summer heat. The colour and weight of the fabric are very important factors.

If you have the right kind of drapes, and they are positioned properly, leaving them closed in the summer will help you reduce heat immensely.


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Window shades are one of the simplest and most effective ways to save energy when choosing window treatments. But you have to make sure you install them just right–mounting the shades as close to the glass as possible and right up against the wall will create a tight seal that minimizes both heat gain and loss.

If you choose shades with dual layers of fabric — a light color on one side and a darker color on the other— you can switch the shades based on the season; the light colour will reflect heat in summer, while the dark colour will absorb heat during winter.




Blinds can control the amount of desired light in a room, the ventilation, and add privacy. By keeping reflective blinds lowered on a hot day over a sunny window, you can greatly reduce the amount of heat entering into your home. Both interior and exterior blinds can offer this benefit. Exterior blinds can arguably block the heat even better, before it passes through the window.


You may not be considering putting awnings on the exterior of your abode, but they can definitely add a little something interesting to a home’s exterior, and offer defence against the sun in regions with very hot weather. They have the most benefits when placed over south-facing or west-facing windows.

Make sure to contact us when you’re working on your next window treatment project, and maybe we can help you save on your electric bill!

How to Ensure “Curb Appeal” When Choosing Your Drapes

What looks good from the inside may not look good on the inside.

Some people may be so focused on what their window coverings look like from inside the house, that they do not even consider what they might look like to passers by. Unfortunately, these seemingly simple choices you make when you move into a home, may come back to haunt you when it comes time to sell the place.

Here’s an example of a set of window coverings that doesn’t look so appealing from outside. It looks bunchy, like they are the wrong size, and it just doesn’t appear to be a clean set of lines from the outside.

negative curb appeal

One of the most important things to think about when selling a home is the curb appeal.

The first impression matters so much, which is why real estate agents always encourage you to tidy up your yard and mow the law when getting ready to show your home to buyers.

So when you are making changes to your home interior, or are just moving in and making purchases like window coverings, take the time to make the right choices, or get some help from an expert.

Now here are some examples of beautiful window treatments that are simple, but look nice and clean from the outside looking in.

interior window treatments for curb appea

interior window coverings for curb appeal


Want to ensure your windows have great curb appeal? Come talk to us! We’d be happy to help.

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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments for your Home

There are so many decisions to make when choosing window treatments… where do you begin?

All of the choices can be overwhelming (like are you wanting functional window treatments or decorative ones?), which is why we’re here to help.


Whatever window treatments you choose, they need to match the room, but you have two options to consider: do you want your curtains to blend in with the room, or do you want them to be the main focal point? If you’re blending to match the room, you can just choose a colour a few shades darker than the walls. You also have to consider where the sun shines in, and if you are using unlined curtains, it will change the look of the room. Sun will also eventually fade the fabric, too. If your room gets a lot of light, a bright colour might not be the best idea.

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Your fabric should match the theme, or mood of the room. For a casual space, you can choose billowy linen curtains, or a for a more formal space, you can opt for velvet, or heavy silk. More practical options are rayon, cotton, or a wool blend, that can all work with most types of decor. But Linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet tend to hang the best.


Floor-length, and even touching the floor, is usually the way to go, or hovering half an inch above the floor will look clean and tailored. Don’t go too short; it will look awkward. You can also opt for a longer curtain, that breaks at the floor–this is a more traditional look. They can be anywhere from one to six inches extra in length to drape on the floor.

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Width is just as important as length! There are a few exceptions, like if you don’t plan to close the curtains, but generally they should have a combined width that is 2 to 2½ times the width of the window. If you want the curtains to block out the sun, a few extra inches on either side of the window frame will help block out the light.


If you’re looking to block out the light and create some privacy, lined curtains are what you’re after. They’ll also shield your curtains from fading from the sun, and protect against drafts. There is also something called interlining, too, which is an extra layer of fabric sewn in between the lining and fabric that faces the room. This is an option if you want the light completely blocked out, and the maximum amount of insulation as possible. If you’re doing custom curtains, interlining is an option, but if you’re opting for ready-made curtain panels, it may not be an available option.

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Do you want to pull the curtains aside for more light, for a beautiful view, or for a more formal look? Then yes, opt for tiebacks. A simple option is tying the curtain in the centre of the window with matching fabric or a ribbon, or pulling them aside with a fabric tieback that matches the curtain. Ropes and tassels can offer a fancier look.

There are so many things to consider, which is why you should trust a professional. Contact us to book an appointment, or drop into our shop in West Vancouver.

Get to know Jabot: 5 Questions with Charlene Ingram

Charlene Ingram

We wanted you to really get to know the people behind the scenes at Jabot Interiors, so we did a Q & A session with Design Consultant and Owner of Jabot Interiors, Charlene Ingram.

Q: What made you get into interior design, and make the jump to opening your own business?

I always loved decorating from the time I was a young girl, I naturally just followed my passion. I worked for a large window covering chain for 3 years and ended up managing the North Vancouver location. I learned the the ins and outs of business there, but eventually, I knew I would be running something of my own. When I turned 30, I made the leap.

Q: How has your business changed over the years?

We started out with just window coverings which is the main part of our business, however, we have evolved into doing interior design as well. There are so many options of window coverings and ways that people do business, find business etc., that it’s not as simple anymore.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have learned in your 26 years of running Jabot Interiors?

That by trusting and believing in yourself you can make it happen, always!

Q: Where do you receive your inspiration?

Everywhere I look–and pictures of interiors. When I do a clients home, I do it from what I feel in the home, from them, and the space they have. I know it sounds funny to some, but when I am in the space, I intuitively get a connection to what it needs, and what I know the client will love. This is what is inspirational to me and when the client lets me run with it, it is very satisfying. I just feel sure; I don’t think, I know.

Q: What is your favourite part about owning your own business?

The freedom of making choices and decisions of your own.

Thank you for taking the time, Charlene!