Traditional pinch pleat drapery heading

A Guide to the Top Styles of Drapery Headings

Did you know that there several styles of drapery headings? It might be a detail that most people look over, but different types of pleat styles can change the look of your drapes completely.

Drapery headings can be a focal point of the draperies. You can choose a more classic look with a traditional pinch pleat, or a more modern look with a tacked pleat. If you plan on having full functioning drapes, you will want a pleat style that allows your draperies to stack, but if they are only going to be decorative panels, the pleat styles are limitless.

There are so many different options, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to the top six styles.

The Top Styles of Drapery Headings you can choose for your window coverings:


1. Flemish pleat

The flemish pleat has constant folds of fabric that keep the flow down the length of the drape. Pleat fingers are inverted and flow back instead of forward. Also known as an inverted pleat, reverse pleat, or tack roll pleat.
Flemish Pleat drapery headings

2. Traditional pinch pleat

The drapery is accented with tight, uniform pleats a few inches below the top of the drape. The pleats are spaced at even intervals to control the fullness of the pleated drapes and weighted at the bottom seams and corners to ensure even, smooth pleating and a clean, crisp appearance. The pinch pleat is a classic style that has been used for many years. They offer an elegant and sophisticated, timeless look.
Traditional pinch pleat drapery headings

3. Top pinch pleat

Top tack pinch pleat drapes create a sleek header that controls the fullness. Similar to the traditional pinch pleat, except that the pleats are sewn together at the top of the woven stiffener, instead of a few inches down. Also known as the Euro pleat or Parisian pleat.
top pinch pleat drapery headings

4. Tacked Flemish pleat

Same as the Flemish pleat, except the pleats are tacked down longer.

tacked flemish pleat drapery headings

5. Tacked pinch pleat

Same as the traditional pinch pleat, except the pleats are tacked down to make them longer.

tacked pinch pleat drapery headings

6. Single fold pinch pleat

The single fold pinch pleat is fixed in place with woven stiffeners to create a soft, rolling effect that maintain the pleat shape over time.
single fold pinch pleat drapery headings

Jabot Interiors custom furniture West Vancouver

4 Reasons to Buy Custom Furniture

You might think that custom furniture will cost you an arm and a leg, but that’s not always the case. A custom piece can transform a room into a piece of art, and create dinner conversation for years to come. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to think about shopping for custom furniture over store-bought.

1. The look and feel

When you think about your home and how you have designed and decorated it, do you really want the same table or lounge chair that everyone else has in their home? Or do you want something that you have put a lot of thought into, that flawlessly matches your space? Custom furniture means you know you’re getting excellent craftmanship and quality materials in your pieces.

Jabot Interiors Vancouver Custom Furniture driftwood table

2. It fits like a glove

Ordering a custom piece of furniture of your home means you can make it fit perfectly into your space like no other piece of furniture can. Have a small nook that would look great with a bookshelf, but can’t find the right piece? Not only do you get custom height, width, and depth with a bespoke piece, but you can also opt for a unique shape, or perhaps a chair with just the right amount of firmness for your back.

3. It doesn’t have to cost more

Many expensive retailers mark up their cost so that they can make money! Buying local means you can most likely save on shipping costs, and possibly even on the total cost of your piece. Furniture in general is not a cheap purchase, so why not spend your money well, on something that will last longer?

Jabot Window Coverings and Interiors Vancouver custom furniture

4. Your furniture will be unique and tell a story

Your furniture is yours and yours alone, and it says something about you. Whether it’s a custom combination of materials and fabric that can not be found anywhere else, or a unique design that no one has ever seen before, your furniture will be an extension of you, and often a conversation piece. If you want to be kinder to the environment, you can opt for reclaimed wood or other recycled materials. Or if you’re sentimental, you could even remake a piece of furniture using material taken from something else–like a dining table out of an old door, for example.

Looking for a unique piece to add to your home? Contact Jabot Interiors in West Vancouver. We’ll help your furniture dreams become reality.

Get to know Jabot: 5 Questions with Charlene Ingram

Charlene Ingram

We wanted you to really get to know the people behind the scenes at Jabot Interiors, so we did a Q & A session with Design Consultant and Owner of Jabot Interiors, Charlene Ingram.

Q: What made you get into interior design, and make the jump to opening your own business?

I always loved decorating from the time I was a young girl, I naturally just followed my passion. I worked for a large window covering chain for 3 years and ended up managing the North Vancouver location. I learned the the ins and outs of business there, but eventually, I knew I would be running something of my own. When I turned 30, I made the leap.

Q: How has your business changed over the years?

We started out with just window coverings which is the main part of our business, however, we have evolved into doing interior design as well. There are so many options of window coverings and ways that people do business, find business etc., that it’s not as simple anymore.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have learned in your 26 years of running Jabot Interiors?

That by trusting and believing in yourself you can make it happen, always!

Q: Where do you receive your inspiration?

Everywhere I look–and pictures of interiors. When I do a clients home, I do it from what I feel in the home, from them, and the space they have. I know it sounds funny to some, but when I am in the space, I intuitively get a connection to what it needs, and what I know the client will love. This is what is inspirational to me and when the client lets me run with it, it is very satisfying. I just feel sure; I don’t think, I know.

Q: What is your favourite part about owning your own business?

The freedom of making choices and decisions of your own.

Thank you for taking the time, Charlene!

Jabot Window Coverings and Interiors Vancouver

How to keep the cost of custom draperies down

Custom draperies are one of the most expensive decorative pieces in a well decorated home, but with a little tinkering, you can bring the cost down to an affordable level. That does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest products available, as cheap does not equate to high quality. Here we have provided some suggestions that will help in keeping the cost of custom draperies down.


Fabrics are where you spend the most when buying custom drapes. You have to choose the fabric carefully, because if you choose a low cost fabric, it might not last long. On the other hand, if you choose a high end fabric, it might cross your budget for the custom drapery. It is advisable to choose something at a better price point, keeping in mind your budget. You also have to consider whether to buy a printed fabric or not, as prints typically cost more. Solid coloured fabrics are a more cost-effective option.


The next thing you need to consider is the hardware. If you opt for decorative hardware, it will cost you more than tracks. Decorative hardware starts at about $200 for an 8 ft. rod, where track starts at $45. So it is better to choose a track if you are low on budget, but if you have some money to spare, you can opt for a low-end decorative hardware.

Jabot Window Coverings and Interiors Vancouver

Drapery linings

When you choose custom draperies, you have to think about which linings to use, as they will add to the cost as well. The thing about Drapery linings, is that it adds to the cost of labour, as well as the cost of the lining itself, so an unlined sheer or drape will be more cost-effective than a regular or black-out lined drape.

Pleat style

Another department where you can cut costs is the pleats. There are many different heading styles when making a custom drape – pinch pleat, Flemish pleat, ripple fold, head and casing. All of these headings have a different cost associated with the sewing, so be aware of their prices and make an informed decision keeping the budget in mind.

At Jabot Interiors, we can help choose the most cost effective custom draperies in Vancouver. Why not drop by at our store in West Vancouver? We can help you find the best custom draperies that fits your budget.

Drapery Do’s and Don’t’s

Custom draperies are one of the best options for decorating your rooms. But there are a lot of things to consider before you invest a considerable amount of money on custom draperies. It is a good idea to really communicate with your decorator/designer so they know what you want and you know what to expect. Here, we discuss some thumb rules for choosing your custom drapery.


Custom drapes should fit perfectly to your window and for that, you need to make the drapes of correct length. Otherwise, it might look out of place and completely destroy the look of the room.

Choose your lining
It is important to choose a lining based on the type of fabric you have chosen. Some fabrics don’t look as nice with light filtering through so make sure you look at that before you make the drape. Silks and linens can break down in harsh sunlight so make sure you use the right protective lining so you get the longevity out of them. If you are doing a side panel that is half on the wall and half over the window then consider lining it in a room darkening fabric so that when you look at it the fabric looks consistent, half of it isn’t dark and the other half light where the light filters through.

custom drapes Vancouver

Custom drapes installed in a Vancouver home


Hanging the drapery rod too low
This is a very common mistake and will cause your room look smaller. If you hang the drapes to their recommended height, you will draw the eye up and make the room look as tall as possible.

Not enough ease
Your drapes should hang freely and not look like they are stretched to their limit. Drapes are supposed to hang relaxed. If you are just doing a side panel and not a fully closing drape then add in some extra width so you can stack it back a little and make it look like it does close.

Other things to keep in mind

How a fabric hangs
Some fabrics “billow” when you use them for draperies and some fabrics wrinkle so make the one you choose is the right one for your room. Linens usually wrinkle, so avoid them if you want wrinkle free drapes.

At Jabot Interiors, we can help you choose the right, and cost effective drapes, for your home in Greater Vancouver. Call us for any interior design related queries today.

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How to do blackout drapes the right way

Blackout drapes are a nice way to block out light in your room. These drapes are especially useful if you need to catch some sleep during the daytime, or in northern regions where the sun remains up for more than 20 hours a day. Blackout curtains are also more efficient than regular blinds for home theatre systems.

If you can prepare blackout drapes in the right way, they can block up to 99% of the incident light. Blackout drapes are an energy efficient way to control light in your bedroom, and also can keep light and heat away from your living room during the summer. Thus, investing in a good pair of blackout drapes has several benefits.

When choosing a blackout drape, you have the freedom of choosing any fabric on the front as what really matters is the lining and the mounting of the drape. The most easy and efficient way to create a blackout drape is adding a blackout lining behind the drape. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a blackout drape is that decorative hardware is a strict no-no. Decorative hardware cancels out the effect of blackout linings by letting in light through the gap between the wall and the rod. For blackout drapes, a rod or a track that is mounted directly on the ceiling is the best option, as the light gaps are reduced. You can also make a valance and mount your drape underneath that.

When closing the drapes, you must overlap them so that minimal light comes through the juncture where they meet in the middle. Also, you should tuck in your drapes back to the wall or stretch them from wall to wall so that there is no gap on the sides from where light can enter. You should take care to tuck in your drapes on the downside near the floor, to reduce light gaps there too.

At Jabot Interiors, we can help you create the perfect custom blackout drapery for your bedroom. We have a range of blackout linings that match with different fabrics and home décor. Why not drop by our showroom in West Vancouver and check out our awesome collection of blackout drapes.

Get to know Jabot

The doors to Jabot Window Coverings & Interiors opened April Fools Day 1990. My friends and family thought I was crazy starting a business during a recession, but 25 1/2 years later, here we are, and the home decor industry is bigger than ever!