mother's day gifts for the interior design lover

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Interior Design Lover

What do you get your Mom for Mother’s Day? It’s always a tough question.

What do you get for the woman who taught you everything you know, who raised you, who sacrificed for you, who cared for you over the years? It’s not easy, is it?

Well, if your mother is anything like us, and an interior design lover, we may be able to help you find the perfect gift. Or, if you have another interior design lover in your live, we have plenty of ideas for you for their next birthday.

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom Who is an Interior Design Lover

1. Decorative pillows

You can honestly never have too many pillows. You can keep some in storage, and switch them out season by season to keep your home looking fresh and on-trend.

throw pillows // photo:

throw pillows // photo:

2. Fragrant candles

Every room’s decor seems heightened when you walk into a soft ambiance and a delicious aroma. And with so many local products to choose from these days, you really can’t go wrong. How about this one from Woodlot?

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3. Greenery

A room comes to life with a little bit of greenery. Interesting plants can be a unique and thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. On top of that, your Mom will most likely think of you every time she waters it!

Okay, this is a bit out of control. // photo:

4. Glass vase or bowl

If you’re like me, you like to mix up your table decor in your living room and dining room every once in a while when things start to feel stale. A stunning thick glass bowl, or unique vase can add a little bit of sparkle or luxury to your decor. And a statement piece that your Mom will use time and again is a great gift.

mother's day gift - glass bowl


5. Throw blankets

One way to cozy up a room is to add texture, and throw blankets will do just that!

mother's day gifts for the interior design lover

throw blanket // photo:

6. Art!

There are so many different types of art you can buy. Today, there are more ways to purchase art that are actually affordable, too! You can buy prints from sites like Etsy or Society 6, or purchase original art from sites like Zatista or Lumas.

mother's day gifts for the interior design lover - art

ISABELLE MENIN – I’ll be your summer 01 // photo:

Simple bold accessories will add a powerful ‘wow’ factor and a statement to your home. People don’t realize it but the pieces you select for your home say a lot about who you are. And if you think you know who your mother is, you can’t go wrong with one of these gifts.