Traditional pinch pleat drapery heading

A Guide to the Top Styles of Drapery Headings

Did you know that there several styles of drapery headings? It might be a detail that most people look over, but different types of pleat styles can change the look of your drapes completely.

Drapery headings can be a focal point of the draperies. You can choose a more classic look with a traditional pinch pleat, or a more modern look with a tacked pleat. If you plan on having full functioning drapes, you will want a pleat style that allows your draperies to stack, but if they are only going to be decorative panels, the pleat styles are limitless.

There are so many different options, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to the top six styles.

The Top Styles of Drapery Headings you can choose for your window coverings:


1. Flemish pleat

The flemish pleat has constant folds of fabric that keep the flow down the length of the drape. Pleat fingers are inverted and flow back instead of forward. Also known as an inverted pleat, reverse pleat, or tack roll pleat.
Flemish Pleat drapery headings

2. Traditional pinch pleat

The drapery is accented with tight, uniform pleats a few inches below the top of the drape. The pleats are spaced at even intervals to control the fullness of the pleated drapes and weighted at the bottom seams and corners to ensure even, smooth pleating and a clean, crisp appearance. The pinch pleat is a classic style that has been used for many years. They offer an elegant and sophisticated, timeless look.
Traditional pinch pleat drapery headings

3. Top pinch pleat

Top tack pinch pleat drapes create a sleek header that controls the fullness. Similar to the traditional pinch pleat, except that the pleats are sewn together at the top of the woven stiffener, instead of a few inches down. Also known as the Euro pleat or Parisian pleat.
top pinch pleat drapery headings

4. Tacked Flemish pleat

Same as the Flemish pleat, except the pleats are tacked down longer.

tacked flemish pleat drapery headings

5. Tacked pinch pleat

Same as the traditional pinch pleat, except the pleats are tacked down to make them longer.

tacked pinch pleat drapery headings

6. Single fold pinch pleat

The single fold pinch pleat is fixed in place with woven stiffeners to create a soft, rolling effect that maintain the pleat shape over time.
single fold pinch pleat drapery headings