Home exterior after

The Easiest Way to Update a Home Exterior

You’ve probably, at one time or another, looked at your back patio or home exterior and thought, this place could use a facelift.

Well, that’s exactly what Charlene Ingram, Owner and Design Consultant at Jabot Interiors, thought about her own back patio, and she wanted to make a change. Nothing too drastic, and nothing that would break the bank.

Her solution? Concrete paint.

Check out the Before picture of Charlene’s home exterior and back patio:

Home exterior before

It doesn’t look that bad, but none of it really jumps out at you, does it?

Now check out the patio in progress:

Home exterior in progress

Looks good, right? Well, she went one step further, and finished off the top step, as well.

Here is the final product and Charlene’s new back patio:

Home exterior after

Wow! Doesn’t it look fabulous? The best part is, it really complements the planters, and makes for a very sophisticated looking outdoor space.

Just a little bit of concrete paint, and it’s like a whole new home exterior!