Drapery Do’s and Don’t’s

Custom draperies are one of the best options for decorating your rooms. But there are a lot of things to consider before you invest a considerable amount of money on custom draperies. It is a good idea to really communicate with your decorator/designer so they know what you want and you know what to expect. Here, we discuss some thumb rules for choosing your custom drapery.


Custom drapes should fit perfectly to your window and for that, you need to make the drapes of correct length. Otherwise, it might look out of place and completely destroy the look of the room.

Choose your lining
It is important to choose a lining based on the type of fabric you have chosen. Some fabrics don’t look as nice with light filtering through so make sure you look at that before you make the drape. Silks and linens can break down in harsh sunlight so make sure you use the right protective lining so you get the longevity out of them. If you are doing a side panel that is half on the wall and half over the window then consider lining it in a room darkening fabric so that when you look at it the fabric looks consistent, half of it isn’t dark and the other half light where the light filters through.

custom drapes Vancouver

Custom drapes installed in a Vancouver home


Hanging the drapery rod too low
This is a very common mistake and will cause your room look smaller. If you hang the drapes to their recommended height, you will draw the eye up and make the room look as tall as possible.

Not enough ease
Your drapes should hang freely and not look like they are stretched to their limit. Drapes are supposed to hang relaxed. If you are just doing a side panel and not a fully closing drape then add in some extra width so you can stack it back a little and make it look like it does close.

Other things to keep in mind

How a fabric hangs
Some fabrics “billow” when you use them for draperies and some fabrics wrinkle so make the one you choose is the right one for your room. Linens usually wrinkle, so avoid them if you want wrinkle free drapes.

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