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A Custom Rug That Will Pull at Your Heart Strings

custom rug from a drawing

The custom rug in the photo above was a special request. This gentleman’s custom order was made based on a picture that was drawn for his wife by their daughter Lena.

Isn’t that just the sweetest? It’s such an original idea for a gift!

A High Quality Custom Rug from Pacific Rug Gallery in North Vancouver

This custom rug is completely hand made; it was custom woven by the weavers at the Pacific Rug Gallery. Only the finest of materials and very strong, quality knots are used to weave a rug like this.

the weaving of a custom rugThe Pacific Rug Gallery has over 100 years of experience and knowledge in creating luxury Persian rugs. They have a great selection of luxurious hand-picked silk/wool master pieces, from traditional to tribal to contemporary modern. They have something for everyone, including offering custom rug design. They can take any design and weave it into a rug in as little as three month’s time.

This particular rug is 5 feet by 3 feet, and the price for a piece like this would be $950.00. If you’re interested in acquiring a custom rug like this of the same quality–a smaller, doormat size of 2 feet 6 inches x 3 feet 6 inches would go for around $500.00. These custom rugs can range in price based on the material you would like to use to weave your rug, and of course, the intricacy of the design.

Custom rug designs make excellent gifts, and can serve as a life-long keepsake for a loved one.

Get Your Own Custom Rug!

You can find Pacific Rug Design in North Vancouver at 1478 Marine Drive. Or feel free to contact us for more info. We couldn’t vouch for this company enough!