custom furniture - live edge wood tables

Artist Feature: Ryan Ainslie, Maker of Custom Furniture


Every once in a while, we like to shine a spotlight on some of the local vendors and artists that we work with. So we sat down and did a Q & A with Ryan Ainslie, who makes custom furniture, with a large focus on live edge wood slab tables.

Ryan grew up on the West Coast, spending summers with his family on the water and winters snowboarding in the mountains. Being around all that water, Ryan started polishing boats at the ripe old age of 14, and it progressed from there to him doing full boat restorations. Ryan now has his own business building custom wood furniture.

custom furniture

So tell us about your company.

Ryan Ainslie: I work out of my family’s property in Halfmoon Bay, BC making furniture out of reclaimed wood from the West Coast.

Is all of your furniture custom?

RA: Yes, most of my work is for custom orders, but I do find wood that is either a colour or shape that inspires me to make a particular piece of furniture from it.

custom furniture - live edge wood tables

What do you love most about your work?

RA: I love creating a piece from start to finish. Milling the wood is the best part, when you reveal the grain and the piece of wood decides what its meant to be.

custom furniture - ryan ainslie

What kind of clients or projects do you mainly deal with?

RA: Residential, mostly large dining tables and outdoor “picnic” tables.

custom wood picnic table

What is your most popular request for a piece of furniture?

RA: I would have to say the live edge slab tables and coffee tables.


What’s the most interesting piece you’ve ever made, either for yourself, or a client?

RA: The 6ft round cedar burl table, I probably won’t come across a piece of wood like that again.

cedar burl table

So, what’s next for you?

RA: Expanding my shop in Halfmoon Bay and increasing my wood stock for future projects!

Last but not least, tell us how people can reach you.

By email:, cell: 604-351-0383, or stop by the farm at 9222 Sunshine Coast Highway.


Thanks Ryan!

If you’re looking for more options for custom furniture, give us a call! We can probably create something for you, or know a vendor who can.