About Jabot Window Coverings & Interiors

Born in Vancouver, B.C, I was drawn to the world of interior decorating and window covering at a very young age. Some of my fondest memories and early inspiration came from time spent with my grandparents in their classically styled homes. Their manicured gardens and stylish interiors, highlighted with fresh cut flowers gave me the feeling of how a home could instil a sense of belonging in oneself. As well in those early years, my sense of business was formed from my many lemonade stands and being the banker/boss when playing Monopoly and “Store”.

By my early twenties, after dabbling in design school and working for a small window covering firm, my career was realized when I joined Contour Window Fashions in 1987. My success over the next three years gave me the confidence and knowledge to open up my own business in West Vancouver, Jabot Window Coverings.

To me window coverings are one of the most important finishings in any home. From my expertise in this area and having a built in relationship with my clients, interior design became the natural progression.

I am so grateful for the last 25 years, where I have been able to marry my two passions, interior design and business.

I have the ability to visualize the entire project with my clients, based on their individual goals. The end result is a home that flows with beauty and comfort. I have a great sense of joy knowing that I played a part in that final picture.

Charlene Ingram