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4 Reasons to Buy Custom Furniture

You might think that custom furniture will cost you an arm and a leg, but that’s not always the case. A custom piece can transform a room into a piece of art, and create dinner conversation for years to come. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to think about shopping for custom furniture over store-bought.

1. The look and feel

When you think about your home and how you have designed and decorated it, do you really want the same table or lounge chair that everyone else has in their home? Or do you want something that you have put a lot of thought into, that flawlessly matches your space? Custom furniture means you know you’re getting excellent craftmanship and quality materials in your pieces.

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2. It fits like a glove

Ordering a custom piece of furniture of your home means you can make it fit perfectly into your space like no other piece of furniture can. Have a small nook that would look great with a bookshelf, but can’t find the right piece? Not only do you get custom height, width, and depth with a bespoke piece, but you can also opt for a unique shape, or perhaps a chair with just the right amount of firmness for your back.

3. It doesn’t have to cost more

Many expensive retailers mark up their cost so that they can make money! Buying local means you can most likely save on shipping costs, and possibly even on the total cost of your piece. Furniture in general is not a cheap purchase, so why not spend your money well, on something that will last longer?

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4. Your furniture will be unique and tell a story

Your furniture is yours and yours alone, and it says something about you. Whether it’s a custom combination of materials and fabric that can not be found anywhere else, or a unique design that no one has ever seen before, your furniture will be an extension of you, and often a conversation piece. If you want to be kinder to the environment, you can opt for reclaimed wood or other recycled materials. Or if you’re sentimental, you could even remake a piece of furniture using material taken from something else–like a dining table out of an old door, for example.

Looking for a unique piece to add to your home? Contact Jabot Interiors in West Vancouver. We’ll help your furniture dreams become reality.